Tip like a Local (Free App)

The free tipping calculator App for travellers! Tips are considered rude in some countries and expected in others. Put your mind at rest while tipping like a local based on the service quality. Just the way locals tip - in more than 70 countries and counting! Get it now!

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A tip calculator (based on local tip rates) with split the bill feature - a currency converter and useful country information nicely put together!


    Select the current country, enter the bill amount and rate the service (1 star-poor; 2 stars-ok; 3 stars-excellent) to get the total.


    No matter in which of the supported countries you are the bill amount is automatically converted into your home currency (hint: works for shopping, too). Go to settings to select your home currency.


    Split the total by your group size to get what each person has to pay (incl. country-specific tip). Easy.


    Find country-specific information in the info section (top left icon).

About Tip like a Local

Tip like a Local was a "Schnapsidee" as Germans would call a "boozy idea generation". While settling the bill in a restaurant in Prague after a nice dinner and a few great Czech beers we had no idea how much to tip. The Americans among us wanted to tip 20% while the Germans among us calmed the Americans down (easy to believe no?!). So, unfortunately for the waiters we tipped less than the 20%. We also didn't know how to leave the tip (hand it to the waiter directly or leave it on the table). After settling the bill (which we had no idea how much it was in our own currency) we wanted to split the bill. Calculating after many excellent Czech beers is not what you want to do ;) So we came up with Tip like a Local to leave the math to an App and get a smooth and local-like experience.


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